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I sighed defeated as I closed my laptop and set it on the arm rest of the couch then set my elbows on my knees and leaned forward and rested my head in my hands. “I found nothing.” I groaned then felt Sam’s hand on my back.
“He is in Chicago.” Castiel appeared in the room.
“What is he doing in Chicago?” Dean asked.
“Demons have been seen going into a warehouse.” Bobby walked into the room stuffing his phone into his pocket.
“Rufus?” I asked and he nodded.
“Anybody know what he’s planning?” Sam questioned.
“No clue. But whatever it is, it’s going to be big.” Dean stood up from the table. “Let’s get going, we can be in Chicago by tonight.” He stated
“We need a plan of attack.” I stood up.
“I have a plan. Attack.” He smirked.
“Now is no time to be quoting the Avengers, Dean.” I rolled my eyes as Sam stood up beside me.
“Let’s go grab our stuff” Sam whispered next to my ear. I nodded then we walked to our room.
“We only have a couple minutes!” Dean called after us. When we got to our room we grabbed our duffle bags and began to fill them with some clothes.
“So, we’ll be spending our anniversary in the place we met.” Sam pointed out.
“Doing the same thing we were doing when we met.” I chuckled slightly.
“I’ll make sure that you and I have a break when we get back here.” He walked over to me and placed his lips to my forehead.
“Hello boys.” Crowley spun around in his chair. “And Katie.” He smiled. “Looking even more beautiful than the last time I saw you.” He complimented and Sam wrapped his arm around me. “Don’t worry moose, I’m not trying to steal your girlfriend.” Crowley chuckled.
“What are you planning?” Dean changed the subject
“I am planning nothing squirrel now stay out of it, this is between moose and the lovely lady.” Crowley stood up and walked towards us.
“What do you mean?” Sam asked as he gripped the demon knife.
“A little birdie told me that this weekend is your guys’ anniversary.” He smiled.
“And what does that have to do with you?” I asked
“I am giving you guys the break you want. The demons are distracted, you’re in the town you two met in, go wild.” He smirked
“What’s the catch?” Sam raised a brow.
“No catch. You and Katie have done enough for me.” He paused. “Plus, one drunk night I overheard Katie hope for one free weekend from hunting, so here you go.”
“You’re kidding right.” Dean chuckled nervously
“You three.” Crowley turned to Bobby, Cas and Dean. “First round is on me.” He smiled.

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It is just me, myself and i, and i have 72 requests :)

I walked into the bunkers library with a wooden box that Castiel told me to take to the boys. I set the box on the edge of one of the tables then went to grab one of the books I was reading before I left the bunker this morning. Once I found it, Bag of Bones by Stephen King. Such a great author. I took my book and went and sat at the table. I pulled out my chair and sat down, when I scooted my chair forward, I hit the table with one of the arm rests and the box fell off the table. Shit. I stood back up and went to pick it up, unfortunately the box lid opened and a tooth fell out and a small bag laid on the floor. I picked the bag up but dropped it when I sneezed. I closed my head and shook my head. When I opened my eyes I was face to… Leg? I was looking straight at one of the table legs. I blinked a couple times and looked around. I opened my mouth to call the brothers but all that came out was an annoying “Meow.” I quickly ran out of the library and down the halls to either Dean or Sam’s room, whichever one I could find first. I was meowing my way down the halls trying to get their attentions and sure enough Dean came walking out of his room groaning.
“Sam if that’s you with that damn app I am going to shoot your phone.” He groaned and I made another meow. He looked down and saw me. He tilted his head confused and kneeled down. “Now who the hell are you?” He held his hand out then ran his hand over my back. “Sammy!” Dean yelled and I jumped at the volume of his voice. He chuckled and picked me up into his arms. Without intention I began to purr.

“What do yeah need?” I heard Sam yawn.

“When did we get a cat?” Dean asked

“We don’t have a cat.” Sam stated and Dean turned around to face Sam. “That’s a cat.” He walked over to us. “Where’d it come from?” he asked

“I found him roaming the halls.” Dean stated and I hissed.

“I think she’s a girl Dean.” Sam chuckled and ran his hand against my cheek and I leaned into his hand

“You think (y/n) got a cat?” Dean questioned.

“I doubt it, we would’ve seen it before.” Sam shrugged.

“So it just snuck in?” Dean looked down at me. “How’d you get in here girl?” He looked at me. I squirmed in Dean’s arms until he set me down then began to walk back to the library. I looked back and noticed the guys weren’t following. I let out another meow to get their attention. When they looked at my I started walking again but they didn’t follow so I turned all the way around hissed and then they followed. “Yeah, must be (y/n)’s cat.” Dean chuckled and I rolled my eyes. Once we got to the library I walked over to the box and stared at it.

“Isn’t that the box Cas borrowed?” Sam asked.

“Looks like it. He must’ve brought it back.” Dean shrugged and bent down.

“Whoa man, don’t touch it, it’s cursed remember.” Sam said.

“Right. How are we gunna clean it up then?” Dean asked and they both looked at me. Dean grabbed me and Sam lifted the box lid. Dean held my two front paws in his hands. “Do you think anything will happen to it?” Dean asked and Sam shrugged.

“Hope not.” Sam said as Dean placed my paws around the small bag and lifted it up off the ground and threw it into the box and shut it. Once the lid was shut I let out a sneeze then shook my head once again. I heard a small gasp.

“Sam shut your eyes.” I heard Dean’s voice and opened my eyes to realize I was human again and I was wearing nothing but a bra and panties. Dean quickly took off his plaid shirt and passed it to me, I quickly slipped it on and stood up. The shirt went just passed my butt. “You can open your eyes again Sam.” Dean said awkwardly.

“What the hell just happened?” He asked as he stared at me wide eyed.

“I touched the damn bag” I grumbled as dean stood in front of my slightly.

“You saw nothing.” He pointed his finger at Sam.

“I did not just see your girlfriend half nude.” Sam chuckled slightly.

“We are never going to talk about this ever again.” I stated.

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QuestionWhat if it's one where Sam is ready to have sex with the reader, but she's asexual and is worried about telling him? Answer

I froze as Sam wrapped an arm around my lower waist and ran his hand under my shirt. He took his other hand and moved my hair away from my neck and he began to place kisses just under my ear. I quickly pushed his arm away and stepped away from him. I turned around and he looked at me hurt. “I uhh. I have to go to the bathroom.” I stated before I jogged off to the bathroom. When I got there I locked the door and sat down on the toilet. I let out the breath that I was holding in and hung my head.

after sitting in the bathroom for a few minutes I heard a knock on the door and Sam’s concerned voice.

"(y/n). I’m sorry. I understand, I was coming on to strong." He sighed. I stood up from the toilet and unlocked the door.

"It’s my fault. I’m just…" I stopped talking and looked to the ground.

"You’re what?" Sam urged

"I don’t have the same feelings…" I bit my lip "I mean, I love you Sam, I do. It’s just I don’t have the same feelings towards sexual intimacy." I said quietly.

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Satan and i are together, i am in the cage right now -great wifi-. And please, its bot just shipping, we are completely canon.

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Alright guys. So there will be No Friday sentences this week or next week. I will be going on a school trip next Wednesday, and so this Friday I will be packing and making sure my homework is finished and all that stuff. When I am on the trip, I will be posting chapters of Beyond this Illusion instead of imagines due to the fact I will have little to no time to write. Hope you guys understand :)

I stumbled as the demon threw me into a large room. “(Y/n).” I heard dean’s voice and I looked up. I smiled seeing that he was still alive. He ran to me and pulled me into his side. “I thought they killed you.” He sighed as I gripped his shirt in my fists.

“They told me you were dead.” I mumbled into his chest.

“They told me both of you were dead.” I heard Sam and pulled away from Dean. I jogged to Sam then hugged him.

“Why did they bring us all here?” I asked once Sam and I pulled away out of the hug.

“Easy kill?” Sam suggested.

“I don’t see how it would be an easy kill with all three of us together.” Dean pointed out.

“They are going to use our weaknesses against us.” I stated. “That has to be it, we are each other’s weaknesses.” I thought as I saw something coming into the room from a vent. “What’s that?” I pointed to the vent and the three of us walked towards it.

“Really, demons are trying to gas us out.” Sam rolled his eyes. Once we got closer I stopped walking.

“Its smoke.” I stated as my hand flew to my mouth and I backed away, when I turned around I noticed that smoke was filing the room from every vent in the room. I stood in the middle of the room and looked around scared.

“(Y/n). What’s wrong? It’s just smoke, we can make it, just pull your shirt over your mouth.” Dean walked over and I shook my head. I could already feel my lungs start to burn.

“I can’t.” I muttered as I pulled my thin shirt up over my mouth and nose.

“Having fun?” The demon appeared in the room.

“What do you mean?” Sam asked and also walked over to me.

“I mean, are you three enjoying yourselves?” The demon smirked at me.

“How would we be enjoying ourselves while you’re still breathing” Dean hissed

“(Y/n) knows why I’m asking.” He crossed its arms over his chest.

“What is he talking about (Y/n)?” Sam asked me

“I don’t have my inhaler.” I said as the smoke covered the floor.

“Inhaler?” Both brothers questioned.

“I have asthma” I said worried as I started to cough.

“Let her out.” Dean demanded and rushed to the demon and grabbed a hold of his collar.

“She was right about the weaknesses. She is your weakness, and you are hers, but I thought, it would be easier to kill her and destroy you instead of trying to kill you to destroy her.” The demon laughed as I started to wheeze.  

“Let her out!” Sam yelled. The demon snapped his fingers and I felt a weight start to pull me down to the smoky floor.

“Dean.” I coughed as I knelt on the ground coughing.

“You stop the smoke or I swear to god I will kill you right now.” Dean slammed the demon against the cement wall. The demon held his hand up again and snapped his fingers together again and I was able to stand up and the smoke disappeared from the room. When I stood up I leaned against Sam and tried to breath, but whenever I did I felt a strong pain in my chest and throat. “Help her breath.” Dean glared. The demon shrugged.

“I’d rather die.” He challenged

“Exorcizamus Te, Omnis Immundus Spiritus, Omnis Satanica Potestas, Onnis Incursio Infernalis Adversarii, Omnis Legio, Omnis Congregatio Et Sectadiabolica. Ergo Draco Maledicte Et Omnis Legio Diabolica…” Sam started to recite an exorcism and the demon fled and I fell into Sam. Dean let the demon’s meat suit fall to the ground and ran to my aid.

“I’m okay.” I said as I inhaled a huge breath. I took deep breaths and felt the pain in my chest disappear.

“Why didn’t you tell us you had asthma?” Sam asked as Dean took me into his arms.

“Cause it hasn’t been a big issue for a few years.” I sighed.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Dean asked.

“Yeah. I can breathe fine, and my chest doesn’t hurt as much. I’ll just need to take a puff of my inhaler when we get home.” I said

“If we can get out of the room.” Sam groaned. I took a step away from Dean and kneeled down in front of the dead man and started to search for the skeleton key for the door. When I went to his neck I found the key on a chain. I took the chain and key from his neck and stood up.

“So I was thinking we could grab some burgers for dinner.” I walked towards the door and stuck the key in the slot and unlocked the door.

“Son of a bitch.” Dean smiled as Sam and him walked over to me.

Everyone in the small room groaned and I spoke up. “I’m going to grab some grub.” I stood up from the dusty motel couch.

“Bring us back some.” Dean stated

“Always do.” I rolled my eyes at my brother as I grabbed my jacket and pulled it on.
“I’ll come with you.” Sam pushed back his chair.

“It’s fine Sam. I got it.” I smiled

“Be careful, the demon is in town.” Sam said as he looked at me

“I have holy water and a demon knife.” I reassured him as I opened the door.


“Thanks” I smiled as I grabbed the 2 brown bags off the counter then left the small fast food restaurant.

“(y/n)?  Darling is that you?” I heard a female voice behind me and I turned around.

“I’m sorry. Do I know you?” I questioned.

“No, but I know you, and your brothers I might add.” She smirked as she walked towards me. I unzipped my jacket and reached in to grab my holy water filled flask.

“Don’t. I have 10 men waiting outside of your motel room, with one word they will go in and kill your family.” She threatened. I moved my hand out of my jacket. “Good. She smiled.

“What do you want from me?” I asked as I slowly started to back away.

“I want you.” She stated.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“I will explain.” She walked over to me. She walked around me and lifted up my hair. She ran her cold finger over my anti-possession tattoo. “I want to burn off this finely drawn tattoo of yours then use your meat suit to get close to your brothers, then make you watch as I rip off their heads.” She walked back around to stand in front of me.

“I won’t let you.” I hissed as I reached behind me as laid my hand on the knife.

“Sweety, you already have.” She smirked and everything went black, but when I came two I was walking in a bar. I tried to stop walking, but I couldn’t. I let out an anger filled scream as the bartender’s eyes turned black.

“You bitch!” I screamed. As my vision went black. I stayed in the back of my mind with no idea what the hell was happening or what this demon was causing me to do, then a thought popped into my head. How long have I been here?

“It’s been a week.” I heard. I sighed.

“(y/n)?” I heard Dean’s voice and I saw him.

“Dean!” I yelled.

“Where the hell have you been?” He sounded angry.

“I found the demon. Don’t worry though, I killed her” the demon forced me to smile.

“Alright, well now that I finally found you, let’s get back to the motel. Sam is back there researching.” Dean stated. The demon nodded and Dean led us out of wherever we were. When we got outside I felt a burning sensation on my back and I let out a scream, this time it was actually my scream that was leaving my body, not the demons.

“Dean.” I let out a breath as I looked at him worried before the demon took over again. “Stay back or I will kill your precious little sister.” She hissed. Dean looked passed and gave a slight nod, I screamed in pain again as I gained control of my body. “Stab me. Kill he-now boys, that would be a bad idea.” The demon took over again.

“Exorcizamus Te, Omnis Immundus Spiritus, Omnis Satanica Potestas, Onnis Incursio Infernalis Adversarii, Omnis Legio, Omnis Congregatio Et Sectadiabolica…” Sam started reciting an exorcism behind me, I screamed inside my head as I felt the demon begin to get forced out of my body.

“I will kill her!” The demon growled

“…Diabolica Adjuramus Te. Ab Insidiis Diaboli, Libera Nos, Domine. Ut Ecclesiam Tuam Secura Tibi Facias Libertate Servire, Te Rogamus, Audi Nos.” Sam finished the exorcism and I fell to my knees as the demon left my body. I screamed and my whole body fell to the ground.


I woke up and realized that I was in the back seat of the impala laying on something, well someone. I looked up and saw Sam. “What happened?” I asked with a hoarse voice.

“You’re up.” Sam looked down and smiled. I slowly sat up off of his lap.

“Uh. Yeah.” I yawned.

“How’re you feeling?” Dean asked from the front seat.

“Tired.” I answered as I stretched my arms to the side then I leaned my head on Sam’s shoulder. “Where are we?” I asked.

“Chicago.” Sam stated.

“Chicago? Weren’t we in Washington?” I asked.

“We were when the demon got you. She ran off with you.” Dean sighed.

“So I was really gone for a week?” I sighed

“Yeah, a whole damn week.” He chuckled slightly

“Scared us shitless.” Dean looked at me in the rear view.

“I knew I should’ve gone with you.” Sam sighed. “If I did you would’ve been okay.” He mumbled.

“I’m fine Sam. Besides, I was the one that told you to stay at the room.” I stated

I let out an agonizing scream of pain as Sam slowly injected the blood into my neck. “I’m sorry.” He mumbled again as he pulled out the needle and my head fell forward.

“I’m not.” Dean’s voice growled and I looked up at him through my fallen hair. “You brought this onto yourself (y/n); andI for one am not going to apologize for this.” Dean said as he sat straddling a chair a couple meters in front of me.

“I’m sorry I died and went to hell and that my soul was turned into a demon. I’ll make sure not to die anymore.” My voice was filled with attitude as I glared at him.
“I’m doing this for your own selfish needs.” Dean rolled his eyes. He’s been pissed ever since I came back black-eyed and non-human.

“I wouldn’t be in this situation if you didn’t use me as bait.” I moved my head up so I was sitting up straight and I watched as his anger grew inside of him.

“You didn’t run fast enough.” He spat.

“You didn’t save me Dean, You could’ve, but you didn’t.” I glared at him. I smirked as he tensed up even more. I knew I was getting to him and I was proud. “While in hell, I was actually working with someone. He’s a good friend of mine now, I’m sure he would be pretty pissed if he found out what you’re doing to me.” I blew my hair out of my face.

“We have 5 hours left, I’m sure you’ll be back to normal by the time your little friend gets off his ass to help.” Dean stood up off the chair then walked to the table, I watched as he picked up one of the bottles filled with holy water then walked over to me. He grabbed my jaw and tilted my head back. He poured some of the water in my mouth and I screamed as the burning started. When he let my jaw go he just poured the rest of the water over my head. I screamed as my eyes turned back.

“You’re going to regret that.” I growled and snapped my head in his direction.

“Oh yeah. Whaddya gunna do, you’re stuck here princess, and there isn’t anything you can do about it.” Dean threw the empty plastic bottle to my feet.

“Dean. Quit being an ass, she’s our sister.” Sam mumbled.

“Sammy, Sammy, Sam.” I looked at him. “You were always my favorite, so nice and caring. Damn I missed you.” I sighed. “As for you Dean, it’s a different story. Always yelling and telling me what a horrible hunter I was. Well guess what big bro. I’m a great hunter now, but also, I guess it helps that I hunt the spineless morons that sold their souls.” I shrugged slightly. “I really wish you could meet some of them, I mean, this one guy I took out last night was a real hoot. He sold his soul to save his little sister who was dying of cancer. He lived a great 10 years with her, before well, you know. I went and killed him.” I heard growling and smirked. “Darling is that you.” I moved my head to the side and smiled as one of my hellhounds ran towards me. “Stay back girl” I said as the big dog got closer to the devils trap.

“What are you talking to?” Sam asked as he looked at me wide-eyed.

“To her dog you bloody idiot.” Crowley’s voice filled the room and I smiled as he walked closer. “Are you alright pet?” Crowley asked as he neared the devils trap.

“I’m fine dear, just help me out.” I looked over to my brothers. “Boys, this is my lover, Crowley. Crowley, you know my brothers.” I smirked as the floor cracked beneath the devils trap.

“Lover.” Both of my brother stared at Crowley surprised.

“Looks like I got off my ass before the 5 hours was up.” Crowley walked over to me and began to untie me. Dean pulled out the demon knife then tried to come stop Crowley but my loving puppy stood between us. “Put the knife away squirrel.” Crowley stated. When my hands were untied I ran my hands over my rope burned wrists.

“Thank you.” I gave him a quick peck on the lips when I stood up. I could feel Dean’s intense stare. “You heard him. Put the knife away.” I looked over at him.

“And if I don’t.” he challenged me. I gave a low whistle and my darling pooch growled.

“Put it down.” Sam nudged Dean’s shoulder and Dean put his hands up then bent down and set the knife on the ground.

“Smart boy.” I smirked as Crowley snaked his arm around my waist. I snapped my fingers next to my side and my hellhound walked over then sat down next to me.

“What’s going to happen now?” Sam asked.

“You two continue living as if I’m still dead.” I suggested

“What if we bump into you?” Sam questioned

“Then we act as if we don’t hate each other.” I said

“No.” Dean stated.

“Excuse me?” I pushed Crowley’s arm from around my waist and crossed my arms. I walked in front of Dean so I was within arm’s length away from him.

“If I see you again, I’m not going to act. If you go without being turned back, I won’t pretend that we’re family, because we aren’t, not anymore. You’re a monster and I won’t hesitate to kill you.” He said harshly.

 “Fine. But I want you both to think hard now. When was the last time you had to deal with demons?” I asked

“About a month, give or take a bit longer.” Dean shrugged.

“I’ve been back for two months, I made sure they left you alone. But now, I wish you good luck. I hope next time we meet, it won’t be in hell.” I turned back and walked back to Crowley. “Tata boys.” I gave a small wave before Crowley hooked his arm out and I wrapped mine in the loop. Crowley lifted his hand and snapped his two fingers together and in a blink of an eye we were back in hell, in Crowley’s room.

“Are you okay my Darling?” He looked at me worried as he held his hand to my neck where Sam would inject the blood into my system. “They’re going to pay.” He muttered to himself. I brought my hands up to his and slowly removed his hand from my neck and to my mouth. I kissed it and cupped it in my hands.

“I’m okay.” I reassured him. “And I will deal with my brothers when the time comes.” I smiled at him.

Sorry to hear about the break up : ( hope you’re okay, my ask is always open if you want to talk.


I rolled onto my back and heard Dean sigh from beside me. “I’m sorry” I sighed as I looked over at him.

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it” He offered me a smile as he snaked his arm around my waist. “What can I do to help?” He asked. I shrugged then rolled onto my side so I could face him.

“Find the demon so I can gank him.” I chuckled slightly as he ran his fingers through my hair.

“First thing tomorrow, I will find him and bring him back to you so you can kill him” He chuckled.

“Thank you” I smiled

“For now though, just close your eyes and try to get some sleep.” He leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine. I nodded slowly and closed my eyes.


I slowly woke up, but kept my eyes shut as “I’ll sing a melody and hope to God she’s listening, sleeping softly while I sing and I’ll be your memories. Your lullaby for all the times, hoping that my voice could get it right could get it right.” I listened as Dean’s voice filled my head. “You could crush me, please don’t crush me ‘cause baby I’m a dreamer for sure, and I won’t let you down. I swear this time I mean it. And I’ll sing a melody and hope to God she’s listening, sleeping softly while I sing and I’ll be your memories. Your lullaby for all the times, hoping that my voice could get it right.” Dean finished the song and I moaned tiredly to make it seem like I was just waking up.

“Dean” I spread my arm over his side of the bed like I did every morning to see if he was there or not.

“Morning sweetheart” I heard his footsteps as he walked closer to the bed then the bed dipped down. “How was your sleep” I felt his hand on mine and I opened my eyes.

“Worth the wait.” I smiled up at him. “How about yours?” I asked then yawned.

“It was good” he smiled and lifted my hand to his lips and gave it a small kiss. “Sam found a lead to where the demon is, wanna get ready then go gank the son of a bitch” He smiled and I giggled.

“Let me wake up first” I sat up.

QuestionI know your very busy so When you have time you should continue that lat imagine/Friday sentence Answer

This one? 

Alright guys. So there will be No Friday sentences this week or next week. I will be going on a school trip next Wednesday, and so this Friday I will be packing and making sure my homework is finished and all that stuff. When I am on the trip, I will be posting chapters of Beyond this Illusion instead of imagines due to the fact I will have little to no time to write. Hope you guys understand :)

“We got a room right beside yours” Deans –hunter- girlfriend Candysmiled as she wrapped her arms around Dean and pressed her lips to his. Sam and I both gaged as we grabbed our bags from the car and went to our motel room.

“See you two tomorrow.” Sam waved his hand over his head as we walked into the room.

“God I hate her.” Both Sam and I said at the same time.

Oh my god Dean, I cannot believe you just killed that thing all on your own!” I mimicked her annoying high pitched voice.

Oh Dean, Sammy and (y/n) are planning on going on a hunt without us.” Sam rolled his eyes.

“Excuse me? What do you mean I can’t call you Sammy, I am dating your brother so I am technically your sister, therefore I am allowed to call you Sammy.” I continued

“What do you mean you rather not look at my ass!” Sam paused and I giggled “Dean! Sam was checking me out!” Sam threw his hands up and pranced around the room looking like Candy when she ran.

“What does he see in that blonde bimbo anyways?” I question as I sat down on the edge of the bed I was going to occupy for the night.

“Who knows.” Sam sighed as he sat on the bed beside mine.

“She seems sort of… What’s the word…” I dragged on

“Monster-like, evil, like a lying skank.” Sam started listing things off.

“I don’t know about you but I would love it if she could hear us right now.” I laughed

“But not Dean, he would hate us.” Sam pointed out

“Seems like he already hates me so what the hell” I shrugged my shoulders then fell back on the bed.

“He doesn’t hate you” I looked over at Sam “You’re his best friend, aside from Cas.” He stated.

“He has barely talked to me since he met her” I sighed

“He’s been distracted. It’s not that big of a deal anyway, is it?” he raised a brow at me.

“Please I know you read my diary before I burned it. You know why.” I rolled my eyes at him.

“Oh yeah, the whole you being in love with Dean thing.” he smirked

“I hate you.” I joked as I grabbed a pillow and threw it at him.

“You know what. I think you should go start a chick-fight with Candy, then have it winner dates Dean. Like what eligible men did to win the heart of a fair maiden.” He chuckled.

“You know I would love to punch that Malibu Barbie, but Dean is happy with her, and he also friend-zoned me years ago” I chuckled

“Do you think that if you think her boob would pop if you poked it with a pen?” Sam asked laughing

“I would pay to watch that.” I laughed

“I would pay to watch, only if you were the one popping them.” He chuckled

I groaned as I heard the bed next door creak once again. I banged my fist on the wall “Keep it down!” I spoke through the wall and they stopped.

“Screw off!” Dean’s voice came through the wall.

“Wanna just get another room?” Sam asked from the bed beside mine.

“No. The bastard can calm the fuck down. It’s been an hour and a half” I groaned.

“You’re just mad cuz you like him” Sam chuckled.

“I will smother you with a pillow when you fall asleep” i threatened and he held his hands up as he chuckled.

“Why is Dean’s mad at me?” Cas poofed into the room.

“What’d you do?” I asked

“I went to see him, but he and his girlfriend were…. Uhhh…” He smashed his hands together.

“Kissing?” I was the one that tilted my head in confusion.

“Oh how the tables have turned” Sam mumbled while smirking.

“Yes. And I told him I was going to come tell you and he said see if I care. So… Does he care?” He asked me

“No Cas, he doesn’t.” I sighed

“But you do.” He stated “hey (Y/N), why don´t you go in. There´s just Dean and his girlfriend and they´re… They are making… love?” He encouraged

“Hey Cas. How about i just stay in here and not cock block my frie-“

“Crush” Sam smirked before the door burst open.

“I hope you all are happy! She kicked me out for the night!” Dean stormed into the room.

“Well of course we’re happy Dean, we enjoy ruining your premarital coitus” I crossed my arms over my chest.

“She isn’t nice Dean, I don’t like her.” Cas stated

“You don’t know her.” Dean hissed

“You are right. I don’t. But she seems rude, and anyways. (Y/n) loves you and I think she would love you more than her.” Cas stated and my eyes widened

“Thanks a lot Cas” I mumbled before I stood up off the bed and ran passed Dean and out of the motel room. I fast walked down the sidewalk, I ran my hand through my hair as I tried to figure out where to go.

“(Y/n)!” I heard Dean call my name, which caused me to speed up and turned down the side of the motel. I let out a scream as a knife flew towards me, I ducked out of the way and saw Candy sitting on the ground smiling at me.

“(Y/n).” She smiled as she picked at her nail. “You should join a dodge ball team.” She stated

“What the hell are you trying to do?” I shouted

“Kill you.” She smirked as I was pushed to the opposite wall. I saw the knife fly into Candy’s hand then heard Dean.

“I’m going to kill you.” He growled. I pushed off the wall and turned to see Dean holding his gun up towards Candy.

“Dean, Dean, Dean. You know you can’t.” She smirked as she swiped her hand and the gun flew out of Dean’s hand.

“What are you?” I asked as I walked right next to the wall, towards the gun and Candy.

“She’s a witch.” Dean stated

“So you know my dirty little secret” She stood up.

“I was hunting you when we met, I just had to make sure it was you.” Dean said as I watched Dean started to walk towards her. Once I got to the gun I bent down slowly and picked it up.

“How do you feel about dating a witch?” She chuckled and walked towards him.

“It wasn’t real.” Dean rolled his eyes.

“Why haven’t you killed me yet then?” She asked him.

“You haven’t done anything wrong yet.” He stated

“No, you were using me to distract yourself from (y/n) here.” She turned to me. “He likes you too sweetheart.” She stated then narrowed her eyes. “Don’t try to be a hero, where’s the gun.” She walked towards me.

“You’re the one that threw it, so you can find it.” I stated as I backed against the wall.

“Turn around.” She said. I shook my head. “I said. Turn. Around.” She glared at me and forcefully turned me around and smashed my head against the cement wall. She lifted up my jacket then took the gun out of my belt loop. I felt blood start to flow from my head then heard Candy’s scream. I turned around and saw Dean stabbing Candy in the back. He took out the knife and she fell to the ground, still alive, but fading.

“You’re bleeding.” Dean stepped over her body then held my head in his hands.

“I’m fine.” I mumbled as I averted my eyes away from his. He pressed his thumb over my wound and I winced. “Dean.” I pushed him away from me slightly. I looked at him and he looked at me worried. “I’m fine. I just need a Band-Aid and to sleep.” I stated then walked around Candy’s body and back onto the side walk.

“Are we not going to talk about this?” He ran up behind me.

“No, we’re not. We’re going to continue our lives without ever talking about tonight, I’ve made a fool of myself so I just want tonight to end.” I sighed and held my hand to my forehead.

“Well, I want to talk about this. You heard what she said, you know why I kept her around.” He walked in front of me, causing me to stop in my tracks.

“You kept her around so you had someone to fuck.” I rolled my eyes.

“She was my distraction. I needed to distance myself from you and I knew I couldn’t do it on my own.” He stated

“Well guess what, she did a great job, you’ve distanced yourself from me so much, that I don’t even know you anymore.” I shook my head.

“You know that isn’t true.” He sighed.

“The Dean I knew, would’ve ganked the witch, not date her. The Dean I knew, wouldn’t have tried to make me feel like shit instead of telling me how you felt!” I tried to walk passed him, but he stepped in front of me again. “Dammit Dean, let me get to my hotel room before I bleed out!” I groaned loudly and he moved out of my way so I stomped back to my motel room.

Anonymous Asked
Question"I'm sorry, Dean, I'm so sorry Sam, but I love him. I love Satan. " Answer

I rubbed my temple as the Winchesters continued to try and persuade me not to marry lucifer, they seriously only had one good point which was that he started the apocalypse, but come on that was so four years ago.
“He is a filthy son of a bitch, (y/n)!” Dean yelled in my face
“He was inside of me!” Sam yelled and i couldn’t help but laugh at the way he worded it.
“That makes two of us” i winked at him and both boys shuddered. I laughed.
“Look what he’s done to you, you used to be a sweet innocent girl that could kill things, now you’re a-“
“A female version of you” Sam gasped as he cut Dean off. Dean shook his head.
“I might be like Dean in more ways than one, but just remember. I actually want to get married, i want to live with the love of my life.” I began to fight back.
“Hear that boys. I’m the love of her life.” I heard lucifer and i smiled, he walked over to the couch where i was sitting and sat beside me. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and i leaned into his side.
“I’m sorry, Dean, I’m so sorry Sam, but I love him. I love Satan. ” i paused as he placed a kiss on my head. “And we’re going to get married.” I smiled