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Thank you my lovely Satan for requesting this gem.


I quickly jumped through the portal as I saw Castiel struggling against the two other angels that stood holding him up against a brick wall as a third angel walked towards him preparing to kill him. Castiel’s eyes were shut as I jumped through, as I hit the ground I pulled out my father’s old angel blade and stabbed the angel that was walking towards Cas, then I killed the two holding him against the ground, once the three were dead Castiel opened his eyes. He looked around then I heard a door open. “Cas!” I heard my father’s voice and I froze where I was. “Who are you?” He walked towards Cas and I.

“I am (Y/n).” I stated as I stood straight with my head held high. He hates when I slouch.

“Did you do this?” Uncle Sam stood beside my dad and motioned to the fallen angels.

“Yes.” I said with a slight nod.

“How old are you?” Dad questioned.

“I am (Y/Age) sir.” I said

“Why are you so formal? Loosen up a bit soldier.” He chuckled slightly

“This is how my father taught me to act. This is how he was taught to act.” I said as I dropped my shoulders and looked towards Cas. “Are you alright?” I questioned.

“How did you get here?” He asked not answering my questioned.

“I ran.” I shrugged and tucked the angel blade away in my mother’s old jacket that I had stolen from her closet.

“Where are your parents?” Sam asked.

“Most likely at home with my uncles.” I sighed.

“Want us to drive you back home, it’s the least we could do.” Dad offered.
“I live up in Canada.” I lied. “I came down here looking for hunts since Canada has little to no action.” I said.

“Do you have a place to stay?” Sam asked and I shook my head slowly and looked to the ground.

“Now you do.” Dad stated.

“What do you mean?” I asked confused

“You are going to stay with us, just until you finish your action.” Dad chuckled.

“Thank you.” I smiled

“We’re Sam and Dean Winchester by the way.” Sam smiled

“Nice to meet you guys.” I smiled as I started to loosen up.

“Do I know you?” Cas tilted his head confused.

“I have never met you before.” I answered.

“That’s Cas, he’s pretty awkward.” Dean mumbled to me as he and Sam pulled me away from the bleeding angel vessels.

“Seems like it” I chuckled.


“Hey satan, paid my dues. Playing in a rocking band…” I softly sung to Highway to Hell by AC/DC as I pulled a cherry pie out of the oven.

“(Y/n)?” I heard dads voice and jumped slightly.

“Jesus Da-Dean, are you trying to give me a heart attack.” I hissed as I placed the pie on the counter.

“You like to mess up my name huh” he chuckled.

“Yeah, sorry about that.” I stepped away from the pie and then walked to the fridge. I pulled out a coke for myself and grabbed a beer then walked back to my dad who stood by my pie. “Beer?” I offered, he smiled and took it.

“Can I have a slice?” He asked as he looked down at the steaming pie.

“Just wait for it to cool.” I chuckled.

“So, you like AC/DC?” he smirked

“Yeah, my dad is a fan of the oldies and it rubbed off on me.” I chuckled

“You haven’t spoken much of your life. Tell me something.” He smiled.

“I dunno. What’s there to tell? My dad is stern, I’ve been told he acts just like my grandfather did. I am supposedly a spitting image of my mom, but I don’t believe it she’s beautiful and I am… blah…” I chuckled thinking of my mom. “Then there’s my uncle, he is amazing. We pull pranks on each other and he takes me on easy hunts to get away from my dad.” I sighed.

“Is your dad the reason you stand straight and say sir and act like a soldier?” Dad sked. I nodded. “He’s a hunter too?” he asked.

“Yup.” I nodded. “I was raised to be a hunter.” I said.

“More like a soldier.” He muttered. “You didn’t get a childhood.” He sighed

“I had no choice. My mom was almost killed when I was about 3. After that, my dad started to hunt again, along with my mom. I was usually left with my uncle since he doesn’t hunt anymore, but I hunt alone now.” I shrugged.

“Your parents let you hunt alone?” Dad looked at me shocked.

“My dad doesn’t give two shits as long as I check in at the end of the week.” I sighed.

“We know who you are.” Cas and Sam walked into the kitchen.

“What do you mean?” I asked

“(y/n) Winchester. Born 2016. You’re from the future and you are Dean’s daughter.” Cas stated.

“I don’t know what you guys are talking about.” I crossed my arms over my chest.

“You look like him, and you like the same music. Come on (Y/n) you’re not fooling anyone.” Sam stated.

“I have to go.” I walked passed both my dad and my uncles.

“(Y/n).” Dad came up behind me and grabbed my arm and turned me around.

“I need to go. I’ve already over stayed my welcome.” I stated

“Are they telling the truth?” He looked me in the eyes. I didn’t answer. “(Y/n). Am I your dad?” He shook my slightly.

“You have to marry mom. Please if you don’t I won’t exist” I looked at him worried.

“I raised you like a soldier.” He let go of me. “I’m no better than dad.” He said as he rubbed his hand over his face.

“Dean. Please. Don’t make this stop you from marrying mom. Please. Trust me, I am completely fine with the way you raised me, you did it to protect me. I am one of the best damn hunters out there now and it’s because you taught me everything I know.” I looked at him scared

“I can’t have a kid and raise it like I was raised.” He turned around.

“You have too!” I ran in front of him.

“No!” he yelled at me.

“You know what! Fuck you! You’re just going to live alone for the rest of your life, you’re never going to see me again, I am going to disappear and never exist, I hope you’re happy!” I yelled as I started to tear up. “Because you are too damn scared to see yourself as your dad, you are going to throw everything away, we have had fun, you taught me how to shoot a gun, and you know what. It was awesome. Everything we ever did was fun for me, because I didn’t care what the hell was going on, I was with my family and I was raised to love and cherish my family because you will never know the next time you’re going to see them.” I paused and pointed my finger at him. “I learned that from you, I learned to appreciate what you have, because the next minute it could be gone.” I poked his chest. “You are a great dad, and Sam is a great uncle, and Cas, well he is a great god father.” I paused. “But I guess when I leave. It’ll all be gone. I’ll be gone. So guess this is goodbye.” I walked passed him. “I hope you’re happy” I mumbled as I pulled out a car remote starter and aimed it at the entrance to the library. I pressed the only button on the remote and aimed it at the entrance, a beam shot out from the remote and a portal opened in the entrance. “Good riddance selfish coward” I waved to him as I stepped through the portal.

Just a quick reminder, when you guys request to be descriptive and be clear for what you want. Please don’t say ‘can you write a request that has /character(s)\ and (y/n) and make it fluffy!’ Because i cannot write those half the time due to no idea’s. So please be specific.


I really want to write and post something before Tuesday
since I will not be able to write or post (I will be trying to post chapters of
beyond this illusion) from Tuesday-hopefully
Monday or Tuesday next week.

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I really want to write and post something before Tuesday
since I will not be able to write or post (I will be trying to post chapters of
beyond this illusion) from Tuesday-hopefully
Monday or Tuesday next week.

Contest winner #8 is bacon-junior! Congrats! Hope you like it.
I sighed defeated as I closed my laptop and set it on the arm rest of the couch then set my elbows on my knees and leaned forward and rested my head in my hands. “I found nothing.” I groaned then felt Sam’s hand on my back.
“He is in Chicago.” Castiel appeared in the room.
“What is he doing in Chicago?” Dean asked.
“Demons have been seen going into a warehouse.” Bobby walked into the room stuffing his phone into his pocket.
“Rufus?” I asked and he nodded.
“Anybody know what he’s planning?” Sam questioned.
“No clue. But whatever it is, it’s going to be big.” Dean stood up from the table. “Let’s get going, we can be in Chicago by tonight.” He stated
“We need a plan of attack.” I stood up.
“I have a plan. Attack.” He smirked.
“Now is no time to be quoting the Avengers, Dean.” I rolled my eyes as Sam stood up beside me.
“Let’s go grab our stuff” Sam whispered next to my ear. I nodded then we walked to our room.
“We only have a couple minutes!” Dean called after us. When we got to our room we grabbed our duffle bags and began to fill them with some clothes.
“So, we’ll be spending our anniversary in the place we met.” Sam pointed out.
“Doing the same thing we were doing when we met.” I chuckled slightly.
“I’ll make sure that you and I have a break when we get back here.” He walked over to me and placed his lips to my forehead.
“Hello boys.” Crowley spun around in his chair. “And Katie.” He smiled. “Looking even more beautiful than the last time I saw you.” He complimented and Sam wrapped his arm around me. “Don’t worry moose, I’m not trying to steal your girlfriend.” Crowley chuckled.
“What are you planning?” Dean changed the subject
“I am planning nothing squirrel now stay out of it, this is between moose and the lovely lady.” Crowley stood up and walked towards us.
“What do you mean?” Sam asked as he gripped the demon knife.
“A little birdie told me that this weekend is your guys’ anniversary.” He smiled.
“And what does that have to do with you?” I asked
“I am giving you guys the break you want. The demons are distracted, you’re in the town you two met in, go wild.” He smirked
“What’s the catch?” Sam raised a brow.
“No catch. You and Katie have done enough for me.” He paused. “Plus, one drunk night I overheard Katie hope for one free weekend from hunting, so here you go.”
“You’re kidding right.” Dean chuckled nervously
“You three.” Crowley turned to Bobby, Cas and Dean. “First round is on me.” He smiled.

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QuestionHow many people run this account and how many requests do you guys have? Answer

It is just me, myself and i, and i have 72 requests :)

I walked into the bunkers library with a wooden box that Castiel told me to take to the boys. I set the box on the edge of one of the tables then went to grab one of the books I was reading before I left the bunker this morning. Once I found it, Bag of Bones by Stephen King. Such a great author. I took my book and went and sat at the table. I pulled out my chair and sat down, when I scooted my chair forward, I hit the table with one of the arm rests and the box fell off the table. Shit. I stood back up and went to pick it up, unfortunately the box lid opened and a tooth fell out and a small bag laid on the floor. I picked the bag up but dropped it when I sneezed. I closed my head and shook my head. When I opened my eyes I was face to… Leg? I was looking straight at one of the table legs. I blinked a couple times and looked around. I opened my mouth to call the brothers but all that came out was an annoying “Meow.” I quickly ran out of the library and down the halls to either Dean or Sam’s room, whichever one I could find first. I was meowing my way down the halls trying to get their attentions and sure enough Dean came walking out of his room groaning.
“Sam if that’s you with that damn app I am going to shoot your phone.” He groaned and I made another meow. He looked down and saw me. He tilted his head confused and kneeled down. “Now who the hell are you?” He held his hand out then ran his hand over my back. “Sammy!” Dean yelled and I jumped at the volume of his voice. He chuckled and picked me up into his arms. Without intention I began to purr.

“What do yeah need?” I heard Sam yawn.

“When did we get a cat?” Dean asked

“We don’t have a cat.” Sam stated and Dean turned around to face Sam. “That’s a cat.” He walked over to us. “Where’d it come from?” he asked

“I found him roaming the halls.” Dean stated and I hissed.

“I think she’s a girl Dean.” Sam chuckled and ran his hand against my cheek and I leaned into his hand

“You think (y/n) got a cat?” Dean questioned.

“I doubt it, we would’ve seen it before.” Sam shrugged.

“So it just snuck in?” Dean looked down at me. “How’d you get in here girl?” He looked at me. I squirmed in Dean’s arms until he set me down then began to walk back to the library. I looked back and noticed the guys weren’t following. I let out another meow to get their attention. When they looked at my I started walking again but they didn’t follow so I turned all the way around hissed and then they followed. “Yeah, must be (y/n)’s cat.” Dean chuckled and I rolled my eyes. Once we got to the library I walked over to the box and stared at it.

“Isn’t that the box Cas borrowed?” Sam asked.

“Looks like it. He must’ve brought it back.” Dean shrugged and bent down.

“Whoa man, don’t touch it, it’s cursed remember.” Sam said.

“Right. How are we gunna clean it up then?” Dean asked and they both looked at me. Dean grabbed me and Sam lifted the box lid. Dean held my two front paws in his hands. “Do you think anything will happen to it?” Dean asked and Sam shrugged.

“Hope not.” Sam said as Dean placed my paws around the small bag and lifted it up off the ground and threw it into the box and shut it. Once the lid was shut I let out a sneeze then shook my head once again. I heard a small gasp.

“Sam shut your eyes.” I heard Dean’s voice and opened my eyes to realize I was human again and I was wearing nothing but a bra and panties. Dean quickly took off his plaid shirt and passed it to me, I quickly slipped it on and stood up. The shirt went just passed my butt. “You can open your eyes again Sam.” Dean said awkwardly.

“What the hell just happened?” He asked as he stared at me wide eyed.

“I touched the damn bag” I grumbled as dean stood in front of my slightly.

“You saw nothing.” He pointed his finger at Sam.

“I did not just see your girlfriend half nude.” Sam chuckled slightly.

“We are never going to talk about this ever again.” I stated.

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QuestionWhat if it's one where Sam is ready to have sex with the reader, but she's asexual and is worried about telling him? Answer

I froze as Sam wrapped an arm around my lower waist and ran his hand under my shirt. He took his other hand and moved my hair away from my neck and he began to place kisses just under my ear. I quickly pushed his arm away and stepped away from him. I turned around and he looked at me hurt. “I uhh. I have to go to the bathroom.” I stated before I jogged off to the bathroom. When I got there I locked the door and sat down on the toilet. I let out the breath that I was holding in and hung my head.

after sitting in the bathroom for a few minutes I heard a knock on the door and Sam’s concerned voice.

"(y/n). I’m sorry. I understand, I was coming on to strong." He sighed. I stood up from the toilet and unlocked the door.

"It’s my fault. I’m just…" I stopped talking and looked to the ground.

"You’re what?" Sam urged

"I don’t have the same feelings…" I bit my lip "I mean, I love you Sam, I do. It’s just I don’t have the same feelings towards sexual intimacy." I said quietly.

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QuestionAre you and satan together? I scrolled through and saw that people shipped you two. So is it true? If so, are you like misha and ship yourselves? Answer

Satan and i are together, i am in the cage right now -great wifi-. And please, its bot just shipping, we are completely canon.

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