Part 1: http://spn-imagine.tumblr.com/post/92475635137/promise
There will be some switching of the pov’s. Starts with Dean pov

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QuestionPromise was amazing omg Answer

I’ve been trying to write part 2 for like a day and a half! It should be up in the next hour

QuestionHi this isn't a request I just wanted to say hi and ask how you are 😊 Answer

Hello :) i am very tired but good. How are you today?

I am uploading them and writing my ass off, so there should be an uploaded os sooooonnnn

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QuestionI thought this was an imagine blog, yet there has only been personal stuff. where's the imagines? Answer


especially when you have to watermark and upload pictures to your website and then go to work on top of writing and watermarking pictures. I apologize that my life is getting in the way. I will be uploading something soon.

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QuestionThe website works, thank you! Love your blog by the way :) Answer

not a problem :) thank you!

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QuestionWhere can i watch all the episodes from season 9 of supernatural?! Answer

I had to search the interweb for a bit but I found a site: stream-tv(.)me/watch-supernatural-online try that

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QuestionHi!! Sorry to bother you but I was reading a fanfiction named "The Woman that Could" but then my computer crashed and I forgot which blog is was. So I was wondering if you knew which blog it was by any chance. If not, i would really appreciate it if you could help me find it. Thanks!! Answer

I was the blog that wrote the woman who could :) it’s right here:


Please could you write a teenage dean where he tries to impress the reader (who is the daughter of a hunter who hunts with John) because he has a crush on her? Thank you :p

I like teen!Dean


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QuestionIs there gonna be more teen! Dean? Answer

would you like more? I’d love to write more if I got sent some requests :)

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QuestionWell hello you beautiful soul for you writing is fabulous may your mind never run out of ideas. *flies away into the sunrise* Answer

I don’t know how to respond to this. I’m to busy smiling!
Thank you!?

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QuestionHey there! So, I remember you saying you could sing and are in a choir. I'm a singer too and I've been in choirs since I was in 3rd grade. :) So, I just have these random questions : Are you an Alto or a Soprano? (I'm a Soprano). What's the your fav song to sing? At what age did you start singing/were in choirs? Anyway, that's it for the random questions, I really hope I don't bother you. I'm just really curious and want to know more about you, if it's ok with you. It's ok if it's not. :) Answer

Let’s see. I am both Alto and Soprano. I wanna say my range is low C to high B or A… I haven’t looked at my range since the beginning of June. I don’t really have a favorite song, I sing to literally every song I willingly listen too. I started to sing when I was about 3-4 years old. And I joined the school choir in grade 1 –youngest person to make it- Asking random questions doesn’t bother me!!! It makes me happy! And be as curious as you want J

I caved and got the game… But look what this blue haired fellows last name is? Huh. Somethings… Not-natural here, and sweetheart i am not just talking about his hair.